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The learning framework in this text is designed to engage students, reduce anxiety and provide multiple learning pathways for every student who wants to learn chemistry.

The media update of Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry is designed for an introductory course in chemistry and assumes no prior knowledge of chemistry by the student. It is geared to students preparing for careers in health-related professions, such as nursing, respiratory therapy and is useful also as a laboratory science course for liberal arts and teacher education. Two outstanding student CDs StudyPack 2.0 and Chemistry of Life are now included with the text. An outstanding companion website for students and instructors The Chemistry Place Special Edition for Timberlake accompanies the text.  
For me, this is a special edition because it marks 25 years of writing a textbook for allied health students. I have continued to learn about new ideas about learning and technology we knew nothing about only a few years ago are now an essential part of our education system and have changed how we teach and how students learn. With all the advances in technology it is still important to me to present the ideas of chemistry in a way that best suits individual learning styles.
Previous editions have been successful because of the learning aids designed to support learning including clear readability, a logical presentation, specific learning goals, real life applications, plentiful sample problems, large numbers of questions and problems with answers, and a delightful art program.
This new edition has been completely revised with new figures and photos, updated health notes, new exploration activities, more integration of organic and biochemistry, and a new pedagogical framework that provides a more effective learning environment. It remains my most important goal to provide a text that makes teaching and learning chemistry an enthusiastic and positive experience. It is also my goal to help every student become a critical thinker by understanding scientific concepts that will form a basis for making important decisions about issues concerning health and the environment.