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heModule Tutorials

Chapter 11

The following tutorials are PowerPoint Chemodules that emphasize various topics in Haloalkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes.  Each includes basic concepts and learning checks to test your progress.  
Alkenes, Alkynes, and Addition Reactions
Functional Groups and Haloalkanes

If you are going to download handouts ( I suggest 6 slides per page), use the black and white copy.  The structures from ChemWindows will show up only in the black and white version.
Alkenes, Alkynes, and Addition Reactions
(B/W copy)
Functional Groups and Haloalkanes (B/W copy)

Downloading CheModules
The CheModules may take 2-3 minutes to download. Within the PowerPoint module, use the forward, back, up and down arrows on your keyboard to move down the slide or to go forwards or back up. You may also use page up and page down. 

PowerPointę Viewer
f you do not have PowerPointę on your computer, you may download one of the following powerpoint viewers:
Search for Powerpoint Viewer
or go to
PowerPoint Viewer 97 (2000 Release) for PowerPoint 2000 Users
PowerPoint Viewer 97 (2000 Release) for PowerPoint 97 Users

Learning with CheModules
As you proceed in the module, study the slides. Work the short learning checks before you go to the next slide, which contains the correct answers.  You may wish to take the Quiz on Haloalkanes, Alkenes, and Alkynes to test your understanding of the material.

Instructor Use of CheModules
These are the Chemodules that I use for my mini-lectures. They may be downloaded and used by instructors for lecture using the LecturePLUS system.   

If you have questions or comments about the CheModules, please email me.