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Welcome to Timberlake's Chemistry
At this site you will find learning and teaching activities that complement Karen Timberlake's chemistry classes for allied health as well as the Timberlake text book.

PowerPoint tutorials use mini-lectures and short learning checks to actively engage students in learning. The CheModules can be used by students to review lecture and to provide a self paced learning adjunct program with the Timberlake text. Instructors may use CheModules for classroom use.  In each presentation, the Learning Checks actively involve students in the immediate application of chemical principles.

These are web sources related each of the topics that may add to your study and learning of a topic.

Chemodules using Powerpoint tutorials develop important chemistry concepts for many topics in the allied health and preparatory chemistry courses. Here you will find PowerPoint slides for every topic that can be reviewed by students or downloaded for classroom use. Using the LecturePLUS learning and teaching system that I have developed, the CheModules, the PowerPoint notes, and the Team Work Sheets become a student-centered learning program for the chemistry classroom. 

Books and CD/a>Gives more information on my text book, CD by Tom Hall, and supplements. Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Inorganic, and Biological Chemistry is now in its 7th edition. The Chemistry Study Pack CD reviews each section in the text as the student progresses.  A Lab Manual, Study Guide with Selected Solutions, Instructors Manual with Solutions to All Problems, Text Banks, and Transparencies complete the learning package.

Self-graded quizzes give practice and immediate feedback on topics covered in chemistry for allied health.

If you have questions or comments about this site, please email me.

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